Auxin Solar is About to Detonate the Solar Industry

Cartoon: Auxin Solar is About to Detonate the Solar Industry

In Superman: The Movie (1978), Lex Luthor tried to use LexCorp to blow up the San Andreas Fault as part of his plan to destroy the West Coast and replace California's most prominent cities with resorts named after himself. Similarly, real-life company Auxin Solar is about to blow up the entire American solar industry with its petition to the Commerce Department calling for tariffs and an investigation into components from Southeast Asia.

Auxin claims it’s trying to protect domestic solar, but according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), at least 100 solar companies say at least 80% or more of their 2022 project pipeline is now at risk of delay or cancellation, while 200 companies say that at least half, if not all of their workforce could be at stake.

If Auxin Solar detonates and shatters the entire solar energy industry, we’ll be stuck waiting for Superman on this one.

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