On a High Note: US Army Creates Roadmap to Net Zero by 2050

US Army Creates Roadmap to Net Zero by 2050

This week, the oldest branch of the US military released the Army Climate Strategy (ACS), a plan detailing its strategy to reduce emissions from 2005 levels by 50% by 2030; reach net zero by 2050; and reverse its role as one of the world's biggest polluters. Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth writes in her opening statement, "The time to address climate change is now…we can create the land forces that our nation needs today while securing a sustainable, cleaner tomorrow."

According to the document, the Army aims to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, enhance resiliency and preparedness for new climate hazards, modernize "processes, standards, and infrastructure," and reduce operational energy demands. Think microgrids on every Army base, zero-emissions vehicles, conservation efforts for water and energy, and increased attention on land management for carbon sequestration.

The UK's Ministry of Defense (MOD) is another big-emitting military looking to make climate-friendly changes. Last March it released its own strategy to "increase sustainability and decarbonize defense systems by divesting from the military’s dependence on fossil fuels, and targeting the aviation sector of their armed forces."

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