On a High Note: Biden Announces Massive EV Charger Plant

 Biden Announces Massive Domestic EV Charger Plant

On Tuesday, the Biden Administration announced plans to build an electric vehicle (EV) charger plant in Lebanon, Tennessee in partnership with Australian charging company Tritium. The manufacturing facility is expected to start production later this year and will be able to build up to 30,000 EV chargers per year. In his announcement, Biden highlighted how the new plant would create 500 local jobs and ensure that "America leads the world in electric vehicles."

This announcement comes after the Biden Administration laid out a strategy in December to build 500,000 EV chargers nationwide, bring down the cost of EVs, and have 50% of vehicles sold in the US be electric. The construction of this facility has sparked a revival in American manufacturing jobs and $5 billion in funding from Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm for the placement of chargers around the country, including rural areas. "We’re seeing the beginnings of an American manufacturing comeback," Biden said, "the benefits [are] going to ripple thousands of miles away in every direction."

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