On a High Note: New York Announces Ambitious New Climate Plans

One a High Note: New York Announces Ambitious New Climate Plans

The state of New York will take bold new steps to make good on its climate promises, announced Governor Kathy Hochul last week. Among them is a $500 million investment in wind energy, designed to ensure the state fulfills its binding commitment to net-zero emissions by 2050. In fact, Hochul is even setting a benchmark to keep New York on track, promising to cut emissions by 70% before the end of the decade.

The state also aims to tackle pollution from its buildings, which account for one-third of its total carbon emissions. New legislation, if passed, would ban gas heating in new structures starting in 2027. Another initiative by Hochul is an aim to bring clean electricity that can power 1 million homes -- all over the state -- with carbon-free energy by 2030.

Climate advocates all over New York are celebrating the Governor's plans, but emphasizing the need for greater funding in the state's budget. Jessica Azulay, the Director of Alliance for a Green Economy, called the plan a "critical step," adding that "we must fund these efforts and ensure that as part of the electrification process, we improve housing and air quality for all residents, especially the most vulnerable."

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