Data Reveals Oil and Gas Emissions Are Three Times Higher Than Reported

Data Reveals Oil and Gas Emissions Are Three Times Higher Than Reported

A new report by Climate TRACE and unveiled at COP27 reveals that half of the 50 largest oil and gas operators are underreporting their greenhouse gas emissions. Altogether, inaccuracies across the industry means that emissions are about three times higher than producers claim.

The inventory included in the Climate TRACE report used sophisticated technology including satellite observations and artificial intelligence to consider 72,612 sites in the power sector -- rather than relying on the self-reported data required under the current UN convention’s framework -- and thus provides a more comprehensive picture of the issue at hand.

According to former Vice President and Climate TRACE founding member Al Gore, this data has enormous impact potential and can inform policymakers. "We want some national governments who are committed to really getting serious about emissions cuts to come away from it thinking oh, now we know where we need to prioritize our attention," he told Axios.

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Why This Matters

Though countries and companies are increasingly committing to net-zero emissions targets, very few are actually taking action. The World Bank, for instance, previously pledged to end all upstream oil and gas funding, but loopholes in the climate action plan have allowed the institution to funnel $14.8 billion into fossil fuel projects and policies through indirect investment.

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The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) expects that the country’s natural gas output will hit record highs in 2022. Though the EU spent €12.5 billion between 2014 and 2020 to help coal producing regions transition to clean energy, many countries within the bloc have rolled back commitments to end coal use by 2030 in response to the current energy crisis. Soaring profits have prompted many to push for a windfall tax on fossil fuel companies to pay the world’s poorest countries for climate-related "loss and damage.”

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Greenwashing Gets Global Attention

The issue is taking center stage at COP27. A group of environmental and finance experts is aiming to combat net-zero greenwashing by outlining "red lines” for non-state actors -- a report produced by the group suggests ten recommendations for actionable targets, which include the mandatory disclosure of near-term emissions reduction plans across all scopes. At the same time, the island nation of Tuvalu is pushing for an international Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty to stop the expansion of new fossil fuel development and create new routes for renewable energy.

Stricter guidelines to ensure countries and companies are acting on net-zero goals can be outlined on an international level -- but they must be implemented on a national level. As UN Secretary-General António Guterres explans:

A growing number of governments and [companies] are pledging to be carbon free -- and that’s good news. The problem is that the criteria and benchmarks for these net zero commitments have varying levels of rigour and loopholes wide enough to drive a diesel truck through. We must have zero tolerance for net zero greenwashing.

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