Exclusive WW0 Video: Understanding Third Way's Decarb America Jobs Report, With Isabelle Chan

Understanding Third Way's Decarb America Jobs Report, With Isabelle Chan

Large-scale decarbonization of the US economy could create more than 2.2 million jobs by 2050, particularly if bold federal investments are made in clean energy, according to a report from WW0’s partner, Third Way.

As part of the Decarb America research initiative, Third Way’s team analyzed different policy and technical pathways toward achieving President Biden's goal of net-zero economy wide emissions by mid-century.

While the projected US job growth across all clean energy sectors was analyzed, they found the most significant growth to be in the energy efficiency sector -- a potential 73% of total net job growth in 2023. The report also concluded that as the country slashes emissions from transportation and adds more electric vehicles to the roads, it will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, especially if the US bolsters domestic supply chains and auto manufacturing.

Third Way’s findings illustrate the need for Congress to pass the clean energy tax credits in Democrats' stalled budget reconciliation bill. If Congress passed a robust tax package through reconciliation to start getting the US on the path to net-zero emissions by 2050, it would create at least half a million jobs by 2030.

Third Way’s Isabelle Chan breaks it down for you in our exclusive video.

WW0: Creating Jobs While Decarbonizing the US Economy, June 28, 2022.