On a High Note: California 100% Fueled By Renewables For First Time

California 100% Fueled by Renewables For First Time

On Saturday afternoon, the entire state of California was powered by renewable energy for the first time. It lasted only two minutes, but it still broke records. According to a California Independent State Operator (CAISO) statement, "...at 2:50 pm, we reached 99.87% of load served by all renewables, which broke the previous record ... of 97.58%”

Renewable energy production was up mostly because of the sunnier days and higher wind speeds of spring. So when the state’s overall energy demand hit a low that day, renewable sources were able to take over. This achievement brings California closer to its goal of meeting 100% of its electricity needs with clean power by 2045.

Dan Jacobson, senior advisor to non-profit environmental lobbying group Environment California, said in a statement: "Twenty years ago, no one thought we could get to 100% renewable energy. But bit by bit, bill by bill, and solar panel by solar panel we did it.”

This milestone also provides some hope that the world is getting closer to a fossil fuel-free future. A recent study showed that 38% of the world’s power was generated through clean energy. And the International Energy Agency predicts renewables will account for over 95% of new power capacity through 2026.

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