Changing the GOP Rhetoric on Climate Change

Changing the GOP Rhetoric on Climate Change | Rep. John Curtis

Attitudes toward climate change in US politics are as polarized as its two-party system. But a recent panel discussion organized by Deseret News is trying to change the political rhetoric and promote climate change as a nonpartisan issue. It aims to "help Republicans accept that the environment and Earth stewardship can be a conservative cause” and convince both parties that they share common ground in protecting Earth and future generations.

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Why This Matters

A majority of Americans believe in climate change and believe the government is not doing enough to address global warming, according to a nationwide survey by the Pew Research Center. The results of the poll beg the question as to why climate action is even a topic of debate and the answer is simple: politics. The issue of climate evokes strong reactions depending on party affiliation.

Not much can be done if the parties in charge are too busy disagreeing to find a solution to the climate crisis. Much like the founding principle of World War Zero, it’s necessary to find the right language to keep the conversation heading toward common ground. "Words really matter,” said Hannah Downey, policy director for the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC).

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Conservative Climate Caucus

In an effort to change the rhetoric around climate change for conservatives, Rep. John Curtis (R-Utah) created the Conservative Climate Caucus for Republicans who "have conservative solutions to lower emissions while enhancing economic prosperity.” Curtis has gathered over 50 members to lead the GOP toward finding climate solutions in line with its ideology becoming champions of the climate agenda, working with Democrats to create bipartisan climate legislation.

"Republicans need to advocate for conservative climate solutions that align with Republican principles, an agenda that will make real progress through American innovation -- ultimately enhancing American prosperity,” said Curtis.

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