Germany Selects Greenpeace Head Jennifer Morgan As Climate Envoy

Germany Selects Greenpeace Head Jennifer Morgan As Climate Envoy

After Angela Merkel stepped down from Chancellor of Germany, a coalition composed of the environmentalist Greens, the business-oriented Free Democrat Party (FDP), and the Social Democrats (SPD) took control campaigning as an "alliance for freedom, justice, and sustainability."

Now, the administration has selected US-born and former Executive Director of Greenpeace International Jennifer Morgan as its special envoy for international climate policy. As Germany reaches for ambitious climate goals and holds the presidency of the G7 this year, Morgan could be a key part of ensuring international cooperation.

Why This Matters

When it comes to Germany's environmental policy in the past, Merkel conceded last October that the country had not done enough to fulfill its promises. And in a ground-breaking case last April, German youth activists took the country to court. As reported in Front Lines: Germany's highest court ruled that the German government's commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions were insufficient to meeting future needs." 

The new administration has the opportunity to jumpstart the efforts it campaigned on -- that fighting the climate crisis is central to their agenda. Many are hopeful that Morgan's appointment demonstrates this commitment "particularly as the country takes presidency of the G7," DW reports.

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A Little About Jennifer Morgan

In 1998, Morgan headed the World Wildlife Fund's delegation in the Kyoto Protocol negotiations. And as Greenpeace Executive Director since 2016, Morgan further demonstrates her role as a leader and a key player in international climate diplomacy. In a statement, Greenpeace says of her tenure that she "worked tirelessly to ensure the organization continued to adapt to the constantly evolving, deepening climate emergency and biodiversity crisis." According to DW, Morgan has been outspoken in the past when it comes to "greenwashing," warning against it during the lead-up to COP26.

Though Morgan is not yet an official German citizen (something she is working on), she has held ties to the country throughout her career in international climate politics. From 1996-97, she worked for the German Environment Ministry under the then Environmental Minister Angela Merkel.

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