Newsmaker of the Week: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Director of Climate & Energy at Third Way

Newsmaker of the Week Ryan Fitzpatrick Director of Climate & Energy at Third Way

How do we turn the race to net zero into a massive job-creating machine that leaves behind a cleaner, healthier world? As Director of the Climate and Energy Program at think tank Third Way, these are exactly the kind of questions that Ryan Fitzpatrick thinks about and works to turn into actionable policy answers each and every day. Zoe Hawryluk sat down for a virtual conversation with Ryan to dive into the challenge of decarbonization -- including the questions of building and revitalizing clean energy manufacturing in the United States, and nuclear energy's potential role in decarbonization.

From the very start, World War Zero's mission has been to present the facts and ask tough questions about all forms of energy and the policy tradeoffs -- the upsides and downsides of all the world's options as we work to decarbonize. In this talk, Ryan shares his insights about Third Way's deep decarbonization efforts. With a perspective honed by working on Capitol Hill and within the think tank world, he discusses advanced nuclear technologies, carbon capture and storage, and alternative fuels and vehicles; and about the challenge and opportunity of developing and promoting policy solutions that "thread the needle" to meet America's climate and economic growth needs.

Newsmaker: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Director of Climate & Energy, Third Way