COP26 Talks: GreenFaith's Nana Firman & Meryne Warah

COP26 Talks: GreenFaith’s Nana Firman & Meryne Warah

Nana Firman is the Muslim outreach director for GreenFaith, a global multifaith, spiritual climate and environmental action network. In 2015, Firman organized the Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change and later cofounded the Global Muslim Climate Network, which calls all Muslim nations to transition from fossil fuel to clean energy as the basis of development. That same year, she was named a White House "Champion of Change" by President Barack Obama. In 2020, she was a recipient of the Alfredo Sirkis Memorial Green Ring Award for climate activism excellence presented by former Vice President Al Gore. Prior to GreenFaith, Firman worked with the World Wildlife Fund in Indonesia, directing the green recovery efforts in the wake of the 2004 earthquake and tsunami, and later developing a sustainable city initiative as part of urban climate adaptation and mitigation.

Meryne Warah is co-facilitator and coordinator of GreenFaith. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, she has worked with the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance where she coordinated climate justice policy advocacy in eight African countries, and served as Programme Officer for Gender, Environment and Climate Change for the Interreligious Council of Kenya.

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